Monday, December 26, 2011

Family Photography in Castle Rock, CO - The Polemi Family

 So... did you  have a Merry Christmas?  We sure did!  A few schedule changes in terms of where we spent our time but it was great!!  We had precious, sweet time with our girls that I have longed for, we even played our first game of LIFE yesterday afternoon, what a HOOT!
 On Friday, before the festivities began I ran out for a quick shoot with the Polemi's.  Isn't it
 B-E-Utiful?!?!  The snow on the trees was amazing!!  That 's doesn't happen very often, it usually warms up and falls off the branches before I can talk someone into braving the outdoors for a photo shoot, but man is it worth it, it just doesn't get anymore breath taking!
My short term memory is on the fritz again and I can't for the life of my remember their son's name... it will come to me in the middle of the night no doubt, but any who, the handsome man on the right is their oldest and is home from Graduate school for Christmas.  I don't remember the official name of his specialty but it had to do with radiation treatments and he is working on a new machine that will detect breast cancer, at least I think I got that right.
 Katelyn is a Senior this year (you may remember her from a few months back and her Senior Pictures).  She tried to relay the message about wearing snow boots but no one listened, I'm afraid they all had chilly toes at dinner!!

Well, I think I am going to wrap this up and join the fam in the family room for some "just dance 3"!!
See you soon! Cija

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