Thursday, December 8, 2011

Family Photography in Castle Rock, CO

38.  That's  how many shoots it has taken me to figure out that I can not wear MAC False Lash Mascara on my photo shoots.  Every time I get in the car after a shoot and look in the rear view mirror I scare myself with my black blotchiness!!  I can only imagine what my clients must think when I am giving them the post shoot instructions!!!  
This afternoon I was with the Abeyta family.  I wuv them!  Brian is the Pastor at our church and his stunning wife is the worship leader.   Our family is blessed to be part of a church where the gifts of the Spirit flow so freely through these faithful servants. 
Their oldest daughter is Miquela, and this is how she ALWAYS looks. 
 I have never seen her with out a smile on her face.  
 This is Lauren, she prepped me on the selected wardrobe (completely with pictures I might add)!  I seriously need her to come over and by my personal hair consultant.  One Sunday the girls and I cornered her and got a hands on lesson for the "Lauren Messy Bun", well... that's what we call it anyway.
Next is Bella.  Is she a classic beauty or what?!
And last but certainly not least, it's Sophia.  Precious.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures Mrs. Cija! They turned out great! love you lots!

Miquela Abeyta