Saturday, December 27, 2014

Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Well, Hello!!  It's been awhile.  I have been enjoying some vacation time with my family, really truly enjoying and vacationing!! But today, I stepped out of vacation mode for a couple of hours to meet up with Heather and Erin and their extended family. 
Let's see if I can remember everyone's name. 
First we have Ashley and Evan (poor Evan his feet were so cold, but he was a trooper and hung there!)
Next we have Heather and her family, Dave, Skylar, Chase and Brayleigh.
Yep… you saw them earlier this year. 
Next Erin and her peeps.  Hubby, Sean and kiddos Brady and Maggie.  I have photographed Maggie and Brady a couple of times but this was my first time meeting Sean.  He has always been off somewhere protecting you and me, while service in the armed forces. 
Sarah and Bob… the beginning of this beautiful story.
and their son, Ethan (who had hoped he would get away with out having to be photographed, sorry Ethan, no can do.)

 It was pretty darn cold out there this afternoon but man was it beautiful with the snow and the sun peeking through the trees, which pretty much made it worth braving the cold.

 Don't they look spiffy in their winter coats and scarves!?!  
I was sooo happy to see that they dressed warm!
 I wonder how Ethan braved all these girls growing up...
Okay… I am officially returning to vacation mode!  
See you next year!

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