Sunday, December 14, 2014

Baby Milestone Photographer in Castle Rock, CO

Yesterday, I had a very fun photo with Mr. Nolan at The Broadmoor!
It was time (well almost time) for Nolan's 9 Month shoot, we may have done this shoot a wee bit early so we could sneak in some Christmas photos!

So Nolan brought along some friends.  This lovely little lady is Emily!  
Nolan's big sister! Isn't she sweet?!

And these are his parents, Kerri & Zane
 I love the photo below sooo very much!  The look on Emily's family, truly reflects her thoughts on this whole photo shoot thing!  "Why are we doing this?! Don't these people know their are ducks we could be chasing!"

 But Nolan (for now anyways) is all about the photos!  All SMILES! All the time!

Photos and the grass, the grass was very cool!
 LOVE the family cuddles!
 This is another one of those photos where I wish there was sound…  Emily was saying "NOOOOLAN!!!!" but nothing could tear him away from the grass that sweet wonderful grass!

Well, this wraps up the 2014 season.  I am officially on vacation till 2015!!  
Have a very Merry Christmas!!! and A Happy New Year!

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