Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Family Pictures in Castle Rock, CO

 Okay, I literally had to think for about 20 seconds to figure out what day of the week it is and since I used so much energy to do so… let me wish you a very happy "HUMP DAY". 
 Yesterday I met up with Paul and Heather and their 3 lovely kids.  
I have been taking this families pictures since the very 1st year that I started my business.  Avery (the oldest girl) and my twins used to be in dance class together when they were 3… they are 10 now!!
 Holy Moly, all 3 kids grew up sooo much this past year!  I could get over it, especially in their faces!  Amazes me the difference a year can make. 
 I got to be honest, I love all these pictures! Everyone was particularly photogenic yesterday!
 But I lerve this one of Paul and Heather!!  

 See what I mean!  Sooooo photogenic I tell you!!!!
Okay, time to start school for the day!  Enjoy your "Hump Day"  ours will be ending with free PIE at Village Inn (another Advent Calendar Adventure!!)

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