Sunday, December 14, 2014

Engagement Photography in Castle Rock, CO

 Just dropping in for another sneak peek.  I should probably keep my commentary to a minimum… I am quite sleepy but the prime hours of working around here are after everyone is tucked in for the night.
 So this lovely couple is due to get married in August, and they have 3 little girls that are pretty happy about it!
 Above and Below - two of my faces!!
Just love the sweet expressions!

 Love the one below two.
Romance 101 - hold a woman's face and pull her in for a kiss!
 Romance 201 - Steal a peek at each other's lips with talking.

Yep! Everyone is pretty excited!

 There is a sweet story behind the "Always… and Forever" 
Okay, Nighty Night.  I work the welcome desk at church tomorrow at 7:45 AM!!  

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